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Welcome! You have reached my personal website.

As you can see... There is nothing important to be found here.

It's just a proof of concept for practicing my HTML, CSS and Bootstrap skills.

Currently Reading
Sun Tzu - El arte de la guerra
by: Samuel B. Griffith
Una partida más y me acuesto
by: Guillermo Tato Reig
Pro C# 7 With .NET and .NET Core
by: Andrew Troelsen and Philip Japikse
Ready Player One
by: Ernest Cline
Cine y videojuegos: un diálogo transversal
by: José María Villalobos
Songokumanía: El Big Bang del manga
by: Oriol Estrada Rangil
La catedral de Turing
by: George Dyson
Currently Playing
Nintendo Switch
El Profesor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright
Nintendo 3DS
Street Fighter IV
PlayStation 3
Rock Band 2 & 3
PlayStation 3
Flower & Journey
PlayStation 3
Currently Watching
Altered Carbon
El Convidat
TV3 a la carta
The Crown S1 & S2
The Toys That Made Us
Stranger Things S1 & S2
TV3 a la carta
Fargo S1, S2 & S3
Currently Working On
Home Media Server
The Wife's Website
Developed using Visual Studio Code
Personal Website
Developed using Visual Studio Code
LAMP Development Server

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