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Welcome! You have reached my personal website.

As you can see... There is nothing important to be found here.

It's just a proof of concept for practicing my HTML, CSS and Bootstrap skills.

Currently Reading
Vigilància permanent
by: Edward Snowden
Read This If You Want To Be Great At Drawing
by: Henry Carrol & Selwyn Leamy
Read This If You Want To Take Great Photograps
by: Henry Carrol
Bruce Dickinson: Una autobiografía
by: Bruce Dickinson
Pro C# 7 With .NET and .NET Core
by: Andrew Troelsen and Philip Japikse
Currently Playing
Monster Hunter Stories
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Switch
Currently Watching
Ash vs Evil Dead
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
The Witcher
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Double Fine Adventure!
Currently Working On
Custom Gaming Center
The Wife's Website
Developed using Visual Studio Code
Home Media Server
Personal Website
Developed using Visual Studio Code
LAMP Development Server

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